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“Killian still wants in, Tristian still wants to watch, and Dimitri still wants to manipulate. I just know how to handle them now.”

Overall Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.5/5

Spice Rating: 9.5/10

Characters: 9.5/10

Atmosphere: 9/10

Writing: 9.5/10

Plot: 8.5/10

Intrigue: 9/10

Logic: 8/10

Enjoyment: 9/10

Hero: Killian (Killer), Dimitri (Rath), & Tristian

Heroine: Story

Cliff-hanger: No

Triggers: Sexual Abuse, Dub-Con, Assault, Humiliation, Violence, Manipulation, Step Siblings, Reverse Harem

Pages: 600

Style: Forbidden, College, Dark, Taboo, Reverse Harem, Contemporary

“Tonight, Story not just claimed the crown, she claimed all three of us at once. Proving once and for all that she’s our Lady. Our Queen.”

What a perfect ending to an amazing story between the Lords and their Lady!

The character growth in this one was perfection! These authors have done an amazing job at creating distinct and unique characters that are easily distinguishable and can bring their own thing to the table.

The relationship between ALL the characters was next level, but I absolutely loved that the relationship and deep connection that was shared between the guys was highlighted as well, not just between them all which is often the case in RH reads. On that note, the pace of the growth was spot on, nothing was rushed, and it allowed each of them to develop their feelings authentically which I absolutely loved… let's be real there was a lot for Story to forgive from the previous two books, that shit takes time!

The book had the perfect balance of character development, humour (Tristian and his quirks), smut (Oh boy!!!), plot twists, and banter and is one of my favourite reads of the year. The series definitely crosses some lines at times, but it made me feel things from start to finish and what more could you want? We got a little taster of what’s to come in the Dukes world and I can’t wait to get reading.

PS. Who noticed how the titles of the books linked up with the boys? HOW AMAZING!!

Lords of Pain – Killian Payne

Lords of Wrath – Dimitri Rathbone

Lords of Mercy – Tristian Mercer

“Over the years, we’ve weaved together the pain of love, the wrath of loss, and the mercy of forgiveness. This is what it means to love something more than yourself, and this is what we’ve created with it. Our own little Kingdom.”

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